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Perry A~ is known throughout the speaking industry as THE Consummate Entertainer.  For more than 15 years, she has been taking audiences on a roller coaster ride of tears and laughter that ultimately results in a truly joyous and inspirational experience.  As the world's only Dessert Analyst, her incredible philosophies will show you how to find the opportunities in every obstacle and motivate you to turn problems into possibilities.  Perry A's hilarious stories of life-lessons learned will have you doubled over with laughter even as they open your awareness to new, more prosperous ways of thinking and living life.

From heart-wrenching to fallout laughing story-telling and Cajun humor, Perry A~ instantly changes your perceptions about life and people. Experience instant personality assessments with her remarkable spot on dessert analysis.  Thatís right!  Everything you need to know about a personsí personality style is boldly in their dessert choice.  Can visualizing people as desserts help you to digest them easier?  You bet your whip cream it can.  Take the edge off personality conflicts with People Are Just Desserts.

Check any limiting beliefs you're carrying at the door.  You won't need them after Perry A's presentation.  Climb on board, you are in for an amazing ride!  You're going to laugh, and you might even shed a tear, but one thing is certain -- you are going to have the time of your life! 

So, for your next event, bring in the lady who is an event all by herself.  Bring in Perry A~, the Consummate Entertainer.  Your audience is guaranteed to have a blast as Perry A~ walks them through the doorway of what was, into the world of unlimited possibilities....

Mission Statement:
As a professional speaker I commit to work with meeting planners and audiences who want to experience peace with themselves and others, want to discover the value in every situation and who like to laugh. 




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Perry A~
The Consummate Entertainer

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